One chilly week we went on an adventure to Austria by car. Decision to go by car quickly paid off as the route was full of marvellous views and we quickly fell in love with Austria and it’s countryside. We were very glad that the very first encounter wasn’t the one that happen on the airport or in the big city like Vienna – instead it was wild and natural.

Despite capricious weather and sometimes very cold temperatures we were able to conjure very many amazing images with Milena and Michał. Nature always nurture us with her charms, making our creativity grow, silence us, give us chances for different approach and inspire tremendous awe.

We took photos in two different locations on two separate days. Though they have one thing in common (besides the couple) – Alps. First we visited Grüner See (amazing mountain lake which appears for some time during the year after winter snow melts enough to fill the lake’s bed) and on the second day it was Schöckl mountain.

Milena, Michał – thank you very much for showing us such amazing places, night talks and rice. We’re looking forward to your special day in September.

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