Welcome after a bit longer break – from now on we’ll be presenting more material from this year – and please believe us, there will be a lot to see.

Wedding of Kasia and Mikołaj was truly magical. They’re photographers (we know Kasia and her photos for years), cat lovers (Lutka the cat, despite the initial embarrassment seems to like to be photographed – ), fans of pastel colours and Game of Thrones. Aesthets, charming and humble people, enjoyable converastion companions. They caught us by the heart with their vision of the ceremony taking place in April’s orchard in full bloom.

Most of decorations they made themselves. They gathered lavender on the nearby Fox Field, which they lated used to hang in the form of wreaths, as gifts for guests, part of the Kasia’s bouquet (and her floral crown). Their preparation gave the venue that special vibe and their clothing sets were totally amazing (lilac dress and cat-themed accessories!)

Orchards played us all though and decided not to bloom on the time. We played back and came back two days after the ceremony for a session. Cherry Orchards belong to mr Piotr Muzyk so Kasia and Mikołaj asked us to put the thanks here for making it available for a ceremony.

It was gorgeous, sunny day full of emotions and family warmth. The view of Kasia, approaching with her father, adorned in gorgeous rippling dress is something to remember. Entrance was accompanied by the Game of Thrones theme played on violin.

Reception took place shortly after – it was nice and familiar party for maybe less than hundred guests. Responsible for lights and music was our old good friend Mateusz Dworczak.

Kasia & Mikołaj, thank you for that we could be with you on that sepcial day.

Links and information about the wedding are placed at the end of the post.

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Humanist wedding: https://slub-humanistyczny.pl/
Wooden bowtie: The Bow Bow Ties
Flower headdress:  INNA STUDIO
Lavender: Lisie Pole
Bride’s jewellery: Ania Kruk
Groom’s suit: Bytom
Groom’s shoes: Próchnik
Rings: Nordwood Rings
Cake: Cukiernia “Gusto” Ostrów Wlkp.
Cats on cake/topper: were done by Bride’s cousin
Jars with jute and lace, gifts for guests – lavender pouches, coloring pages for kids, home-made liqueurs, home-made wines, lemonade, rings base: everything DIY
Violin played by: Lech Popławski  
Pompons and roadsigns:  done by the Groom himself