Countless kilometers, mad session hours, weariness, long walks and love… lots of love. That would pretty much sum up year 2016 regarding photo sessions we did. Never before it was so intense and so full of variety.

There was some plans that included us on their special day but we were already booked – so, by the stroke of fate we met for the session just few days after their wedding. From the first moments we felt like we already know each other for half of our lives. This couple is so interesting, so inspiring that we could just sit there and listen to their awesome stories… It seems that we often pull kindred spirits in our direction, which makes our job feel like not a job at all. Sometimes we meet once or twice, sometimes they’re coming back when their family grows – it all comes down to the moments, to the history that we record in images and that history will stay with them for years.

It was supposed to be amazing sunrise on the beach, one of those that would take your breath away – but the sun had other ideas and we had to work with moody overcast. And it was fine, as this year we learned how to work under almost every possible weather condition and make amazing things out of every situation given.

Please enjoy the story of Natalia and Igor. Their tale about the sea, about trust and a tiny bit of madness.

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