Countless kilometers, mad session hours, weariness, long walks and love… lots of love. That would pretty much sum up year 2016 regarding photo sessions we did. Never before it was so intense and so full of variety.

There was some plans that included us on their special day but we were already booked – so, by the stroke of fate we met for the session just few days after their wedding. From the first moments we felt like we already know each other for half of our lives. This couple is so interesting, so inspiring that we could just sit there and listen to their awesome stories… It seems that we often pull kindred spirits in our direction, which makes our job feel like not a job at all. Sometimes we meet once or twice, sometimes they’re coming back when their family grows – it all comes down to the moments, to the history that we record in images and that history will stay with them for years.

It was supposed to be amazing sunrise on the beach, one of those that would take your breath away – but the sun had other ideas and we had to work with moody overcast. And it was fine, as this year we learned how to work under almost every possible weather condition and make amazing things out of every situation given.

Please enjoy the story of Natalia and Igor. Their tale about the sea, about trust and a tiny bit of madness.

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Please meet Paulina and Adrian. We are going to start in unusal way, with the session made after the wedding. Wait, how… without a wedding dress? Well, yes – as you see many things were different this time.

Paulina got an idea that shortly after their wedding they will be going for a short trip to Rome, which is like second home to them. So the bridesmaids delegation were sent to deliver the special present – airplane tickets. He was stunned. Later on he learned that they’re not going alone and we’re going to keep them company for a few moments. His expression was priceless.
The wedding took time on friday and on monday we were already in Rome and it was perfect. Everything – places, light, energy! Awesome Paulina and Adrian were totally in love with eachother and didn’t mind us taking pictures at all.

Enjoy the warmth of sunny Rome.

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We first met Dagmara and Kuba more than 2 years ago. Time surely flies fast… Back then they already had a very clarified vision of their own wedding – it was supposed to be rustic, idyllic, DIY and colourful. And at that time it was something really new, even for us – such trend was just emerging here in Poland. We just could not wait to see the execution, what they’re going to create and what shape that day will take – it was so interesting. Through that 2 years rustic trend and mason jars surely set in but Daga and Kuba twisted it around anyways to fit their ideas.

There was an old church, beautiful flowers in almost every colour (one of our favorite works from Inna Studio), one of the most touching first looks in our lives, awesome families and friends and… Dagmara’s disarming smile! And she smiles almost always.
Not only brilliant ideas, great organization and tremendous positive attitude – Dagmara and Kuba are really an awesome people. We felt the true and strong connection, everything went smoothly and we hope to meet again not before long because working with them is a pure pleasure.

We would like to invite you also to check out the blog about their wedding journey:

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Long time ago when we got an inquiry from Klara about a wedding coverage we were more than happy as we already knew and like her own photography work very much. Then came those little dreadful thoughts if we’re good enough for the job and if she’s going to like our work at all? But it seems we did it just right.

From the very start we knew that wedding of Klara and Tomasz will be planned meticulously and perfectly executed, involving amazing people and accompanied by astonishing details and places.

We met in Warsaw on the day of the Midsummer Night and it was on the hottest one of that summer. Brief, civil ceremony took place in the shaded garden of a venue. Weather was pleasant whole evening so everybody enjoyed the warmth outside and the atmosphere was full of friendly smiles and laughs. Helpful floral artist taught guests how to make their own flower crowns as this was also the night of “Wianki” – old polish tradition celebrated during the Midsummer Night’s time. It was light, unhurried and exquisite event, just like a dream. A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Thank you for your trust, understanding and your beautiful love, that we had chance to capture on frames.

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Today we want to show you something unusual and special for an engagement session and even if we totally love colours we did it completely in black and white. Kasia and Paweł knew exactly what they wanted and we went for the nostalgic feel of the old cinema and to capture the intimate emotions between them.

Some of that photographs were later used as a wedding gifts or as a decoration, and it’s always very nice for us to see our work used in such manner.

Now it’s a time for a short story with an old Hollywood in the background, enjoy.

kaspaw (more…)

One chilly week we went on an adventure to Austria by car. Decision to go by car quickly paid off as the route was full of marvellous views and we quickly fell in love with Austria and it’s countryside. We were very glad that the very first encounter wasn’t the one that happen on the airport or in the big city like Vienna – instead it was wild and natural.

Despite capricious weather and sometimes very cold temperatures we were able to conjure very many amazing images with Milena and Michał. Nature always nurture us with her charms, making our creativity grow, silence us, give us chances for different approach and inspire tremendous awe.

We took photos in two different locations on two separate days. Though they have one thing in common (besides the couple) – Alps. First we visited Grüner See (amazing mountain lake which appears for some time during the year after winter snow melts enough to fill the lake’s bed) and on the second day it was Schöckl mountain.

Milena, Michał – thank you very much for showing us such amazing places, night talks and rice. We’re looking forward to your special day in September.

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