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After their wedding, Baran and Wax took us for a walk around their belowed places around Szczyrk. It was november so most of a time it was raining during that day, although it was not enough to prevent us to record all that what you can see below. It was delightful and difficult at the same time to run after them with a camera as they were acting like they did not care much for posing nor photographs being taken. They had their own strong feeling between them at that was the most important thing. You might see that in those subtle gestures, in their eyes and smiles. Please enjoy the foggy forest tale of Ania and Piotrek.

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An engagement session is most often your very first meeting with a professional photographer. And some people feel extra embarrassed in front of the camera and a person behind it, whom they see as a complete stranger. Such session is a great idea to break the ice and get to know people (your photographers!) with whom you are going to spend quite long time and it is a great opportunity to have some great fun.
As a result not only you will have the photos from the session, which makes a great souvenir by themselves, but also you can use this material in many different ways (and some of the most popular are):
– For wedding invitations or save-the-dates.
– As a “thank you” postcards for guests or parents, sometimes as a big print.
– For a decoration of a venue (board with photos, “exhibition” or flying gallery – photos attached to the balloons filled with helium, guest book, photo album, etc.).
– For a slideshow displayed during the wedding party.
– As a photo for “will you be my bridesmaid?” puzzle.

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Today’s entry is a special one for us. Not often you got to photograph a wedding of your close friends. We know Marcin for years and Karolina did many photographic sessions with his help and it’s safe to say that they work together since she moved to Poznań. Plus that he’s responsible for her own weird hair experiments and splendid colours. Later on he also started to be Michal’s barber, meanwhile awesome and sweet Kinia appeared and it all ended up with a wedding. The Day itself was quite unusal – split in three parts. After short civil ceremony they had a dinner for closest family and in the evening all the friends met at the party in Trochę Kultury ;). This all wouldn’t be complete without the scissors, amazing Kizia the cat, makeup that Kinia did herself (by the way, she’s amazing makeup artist – she did makeup for our another bride, Ada), pastels and hot atmosphere – literally as that probably was a hottest day in whole 2015 in Poland. After celebrations we went for photos and rest to Barcelona. We walked through the city patched out of old and new and enjoyed the sun.
We hope images will charge you with colours and smiles, have fun browsing!

dinner: Warto nad Wartą, Poznań
evening party: Trochę Kultury, Poznań
rings and earrings: Ale.
shoes: Louboutin, Moliera 2
decorations: Lalala Kreatywna Pracownia Dekoracji
hair: Marcin, Jabbar Salon
makeup: Kinga

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