Ania and Kuba contacted us around month before their wedding and they got nothing ready besides choosen church, planned hours and idea for a wedding party. This wasn’t the first situation like this in our career, though they for sure were in the top 3 when it come to efficiency and the speed of organization. It turned out great and we were sure from the very start that it will be so. This wedding is an another one from DIY weddings (another intersting DIY wedding we were lucky to photograph was that ofKasia and Piotrek). Decoration made of pine needles, wood and ribbons adorned the hut and part of the florist was played by Ania’s sister. Wedding invitiations used photographs from engagement session we did shortly before wedding and was designed by Ania herself.
Kuba was dressed in navy blue suit and woodden accesories (bowtie, cuffs nad wooden pocket square – sic!). Ania donned a modular dress with a longer and shorter skirt and pretty wild pearl necklace worn on the back.
Bride and Groom drove around in red oldsmobile, legendary Polish Fiat 126p (lent by the lovely Grandfather).
At the party there was a bonfire, home-made burgers and tasty naked cake. DJ who usually does not play at weddings agreed to play at this part and did amazing job. Strings made of bare light bulbs lit the dance floor made of fresh green grass, it was magical, intimate and natural – just like we like it best! As you see there’s no real need to spend thousands on your own wedding. There are so many ways to do it with help of your family and friends and the most important things are emotions and memories which will remain with you from that day.

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