Baran & Wax - wedding session

After their wedding, Baran and Wax took us for a walk around their belowed places around Szczyrk. It was november so most of a time it was raining during that day, although it was not enough to prevent us to record all that what you can see below. It was delightful and difficult at the same time to run after them with a camera as they were acting like they did not care much for posing nor photographs being taken. They had their own strong feeling between them at that was the most important thing. You might see that in those subtle gestures, in their eyes and smiles. Please enjoy the foggy forest tale of Ania and Piotrek.

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Baran & Wax

Baran & Wax, or rather Ania and Piotrek - they have that something in their eyes. That kind of magic and sincere feeling around them - things that are sought-after by everybody who takes photography consciously. We're extremely grateful that even for that two short days we had a chance to see such pure love that connects them and it was simply amazing.

Their wedding was a surprise for us on many levels. For a start it was our very first wedding we have done in our career in november, second - it was a DIY folklore wedding. Ania as a painter and an artistic soul took care of everything - she designed wedding invitations, her own bouquet and venue decorations. You can also spot below custom made shoes, beloved Moomins mugs and classic polish pottery from Bolesławiec.
Ceremony took place in the magnificent church of St. Jacob in Szczyrk. Mass was conducted by a close friend of the couple, a catholic priest with a passion for bicycle excursions, like that one they had a chance to take to Syberia together. In this place we have to add that booth of the newlyweds (especially Wax) are great bicycle fans. Piotrek is a long range rider and he can grind such distances that count not in tens but in hundreds or thousands of kilometers. Therefore travels are integral part of their lives and we can say that we envy them such vitality and power of will.

We are really enchanted by our Couples. All of them are people with such strong passion, full of love for each other and people around them - they have that viral thing that push us out to do even more. Thank you!


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