Do you need an engagement session?

An engagement session is most often your very first meeting with a professional photographer. And some people feel extra embarrassed in front of the camera and a person behind it, whom they see as a complete stranger. Such session is a great idea to break the ice and get to know people (your photographers!) with whom you are going to spend quite long time and it is a great opportunity to have some great fun.
As a result not only you will have the photos from the session, which makes a great souvenir by themselves, but also you can use this material in many different ways (and some of the most popular are):
- For wedding invitations or save-the-dates.
- As a "thank you" postcards for guests or parents, sometimes as a big print.
- For a decoration of a venue (board with photos, "exhibition" or flying gallery - photos attached to the balloons filled with helium, guest book, photo album, etc.).
- For a slideshow displayed during the wedding party.
- As a photo for "will you be my bridesmaid?" puzzle.

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Rustic wedding of Kasia and Marek

She - beautiful, filigree, with a storm of golden curls, energy of an atomic bomb and wide, disarming smile.
He - handsome, heavy into photography (well, we had to interrupt our geek talk few times just to make photos), energetic, brilliantly dressed.

You could probably remember Kasia and Marek from our Facebook page where they appeared in their engagement sesssion and we could say they are the most smiling couple we had a chance to photograph. Lovers of pretty retro things, motorcycles and long range travles. Their amazing first dance was fast jive. And finally they helped to realize our dream photo, for which we are very thankful as they had to sacrifice the comfort of the venue for 10 minutes of really cold, rainy and foggy autumn night. We just had to do it even if we were already packed and leaving after whole day.
Long story short - one amazing couple with whom there's a thousand topics to talk about and they never seem to end. If someday we're going to set up a workshop for a fellow photographers this couple would be one to pose there, for sure.

And that's almost the end of Wedding Season 2015, one rustic wedding after another which was really amazing thing to happen to us. Please, take a look.

Venue: Centrum Rekreacyjno-Hotelowe Bagatelka
Wedding dress: La Perla Sposa
Stationery: Paper Story
Case for the ring: Vintage
Marek's watch: Grandfather's Vintage Omega
Car: Bulikiem do Ślubu
Fern band: INNA Studio
Wedding make-up: Magda Majer
Wooden gadgets and frame with fern: Ilustratyw

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